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6 Important Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Updated: Apr 18

6 Important Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Going on a vacation is so thrilling, right? It's like hitting pause on everyday life and diving into a whole new adventure. So many people get caught up in the excitement of packing and planning that they forget about something super important: travel insurance. It's kind of crazy how many travelers overlook it, considering how risky it can be to travel without insurance. 

You wouldn't even think about hitting the road without car insurance? We're all too familiar with the risks and the financial mess an accident could make. Let's not forget about health insurance—it's like a safety net considering how expensive medical bills can get.

But here's the thing: when it comes to traveling, where there's even more unpredictability, why do so many travelers choose to roll the dice without travel insurance? 

Depending on the type of travel insurance policy you purchase, you can protect your investment from last minute cancellations, medical emergencies, trip delay, baggage loss and more.  Read on to learn more about travel insurance and why it should be the first thing on your packing list!

1. You don’t want to lose all of your money! Without travel insurance you may lose the entire cost of your trip if you need to cancel your vacation. Most tour operators, cruise lines, and airlines offer minimal or no refunds if you need to cancel your vacation. No one books a trip planning to cancel, but the unexpected can happen when you least expect it. 

Most travel insurance policies provide trip cancellation benefits which can reimburse you for nonrefundable trip costs when you cancel for a covered reason such as an illness, death in the family or other reasons as outlined in the policy.

If you think it may be a possibility that you may need to cancel for a non-covered reason, some policies offer an upgraded “cancel for any reason” policy which would allow for a portion of your trip (typically up to 75%) to be refunded if you cancel your trip for any reason. This typically needs to be purchased at the time of deposit. If you are interested in adding this be sure to ask your agent about the upgraded cost.  This type of policy truly allows you to travel with confidence!

2. Emergencies and accidents can happen, even in paradise.

Even though you are on vacation injuries can occur. Thousands of travelers each year experience a medical emergency while on vacation.  It can be overwhelming to be in another country and end up with a broken bone, heart attack, or major illness.  When you have travel insurance you will have access to a 24/7 travel emergency team that can help you navigate the scary situation, get you the help you need, and may even be able to prearrange payment for covered medical care.

3. Medical bills may not be covered out of the country. If you get seriously sick or hurt in another country, your health insurance may not provide coverage.  Many foreign medical facilities and providers require cash payment up front and do not accept US insurance plans.  Medicare does not provide coverage outside of the USA. Travel insurance can pay for covered medical and dental emergencies that happen during your trip. 

4. Medical Evacuation can be financially devastating.

If you are seriously injured or hurt and need to be flown to the nearest quality hospital, a medical evacuation can cost over 6 figures.  Check the travel insurance policy that you are considering to ensure it provides emergency medical transportation benefits in case you are faced with an illness or injury that requires specialized transportation to get you to an appropriate facility that can care for you. 

5. Travel delays...

If you have traveled before, you will know that travel delays are inevitable.  Although it is frustrating when flights are delayed, what happens when they are fully canceled? Ensure that you purchase a travel insurance policy that provides reimbursement for additional accommodations, meals, and travel expenses due to a covered delay. 

6. Baggage Loss is a big inconvenience. 

I say a prayer each time my checked bag is tagged and thrown on the conveyor belt, hoping that we will be reunited at baggage claim at my final destination.  If your bag is lost along the journey, travel insurance can come to the rescue. Baggage loss/delay coverage can reimburse you for replacement items.  Be sure to review the policy information to determine the details and coverage amount.  Remember that all items of high value and importance should be left at home or placed in your carry on/personal item.  

As you can see, travel insurance is an important essential for every trip you plan. 

It is your responsibility to review the travel insurance policy documents to determine the best plan for you and your family prior to purchase.  Andrea is not a licensed travel insurance agent, so if you have coverage questions you will need to call the travel insurance company directly.  Andrea can’t predict or determine covered reasons as they are at the sole discretion of the travel insurance company, therefore the acceptance of claims can’t be guaranteed.  Clients are responsible for initiating and submitting claims directly to the insurance company.

If you already booked a trip and did not purchase travel insurance, but changed your mind and want to add it, let Andrea know as soon as possible as certain policies have timelines.

Learn more about planning with Andrea.

Andrea Cassidy is a senior travel agent with over 10 years of experience. She specializes in destination weddings, honeymoons, family travel, multi-generational vacations, and anniversary trips. Using her keen sense of organization, leadership skills, vast destination knowlegdge and committment to never stop learning, Andrea believes in curating vacations that exceed her clients' hopes and dreams. She strives to turn vacation moments into memories, one journey at a time. When she's not planning vacations for her clients she can be found relaxing on the shores of Lake Michigan with a good book, cheering at her kids' sporting events, eating tacos, and watching re-runs of The Office.

Andrea Cassidy Embrace the Journey Travel

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