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Bouncing Back from Post-Vacation Blues: The Real Cure

Welcome back, weary traveler! You’ve just returned from a magical 7-day Caribbean adventure, Mexican getaway or Hawaiian paradise where the sand was your bed, the ocean your backyard, and the all-inclusive buffet your kitchen. But now, you’re back to the land of alarm clocks, responsibilities, and a fridge that doesn’t restock itself with tropical drinks. Suddenly, you're hit with a wave of emotions that feels suspiciously like sadness. Fear not, for you may just be experiencing the infamous Post-Vacation Depression (PVD). Here’s a <humorous> look at the symptoms and, more importantly, how to cure them!

Symptoms of Post-Vacation Depression: A Checklist

  • Phantom Flip-Flop Syndrome: You swear you’re still wearing flip-flops, but alas, it’s just your old work shoes. That squishy feeling of sandy beaches under your feet is replaced by the all-too-familiar office carpet. Sigh.

  • Clock Disbelief: Every glance at the clock is met with disbelief. “What do you mean it’s only 10 AM? It felt like margarita-o'clock ages ago!”

  • All-Inclusive Withdrawal: You find yourself waiting at your kitchen table, puzzled at why no one has offered you a freshly made omelet or a mimosa. Reality check: you’re the chef now.

  • Olfactory Hallucinations: You swear you can still smell the ocean and sunscreen, and even the hint of the tropical breeze… or is it just the air freshener you frantically bought in an attempt to keep the dream alive?

  • Tan Lines and Sad Times: You catch yourself staring at your tan lines, reminiscing about the sun-kissed days, only to realize they’re fading as fast as your vacation high.

  • Photo Gallery Despair: Your thumb has a mind of its own, constantly scrolling through your vacation photos, making you wonder why your living room doesn’t come with a view of the ocean.

The Cure: Plan Your Next Great Escape!

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for—the ultimate cure for your PVD. The cure is not found in therapy and it isn’t hidden in  self-help books. It's much simpler and far more exciting….planning your next vacation!

Yes, the best way to kiss those post-vacation blues goodbye is by giving them a quick shove as you put your next vacation on your calendar.  And, guess what?  Journeys by Andrea about to begin planning 2025 Spring Break vacations in just a few short weeks! 

Why Planning Ahead Is Your Best Bet:

  • Anticipation Therapy: The joy of having a trip on the horizon works wonders for your mood. It’s like promising a kid a trip to the candy store; the wait is half the excitement!

  • Early Bird Gets the Deal: Start planning now, and you’ll get the best picks of the paradise bunch—resorts, flights, you name it. Bonus: Early planning often comes with sweeter deals.

  • Customize Your Bliss: By starting early, we have ample time to tailor your vacation to be exactly as you dream. More adventure? More relaxation? More gourmet meals? Consider it done.

  • Educate Your Excitement: Use this time to research and get excited about your destination. The more you learn, the more you’ll look forward to it.

So, my lovely beach bum turned reluctant homebody, let the countdown to Spring Break 2025 begin! With Journeys by Andrea on your side, your next adventure is just on the horizon. Let's chase away those post-vacation blues with the promise of new memories, new tan lines, and perhaps, a new favorite cocktail. Ready to start the cure? Your next great escape awaits! Join my 2025 Spring Break Waiting List! Learn more about planning with Andrea. Andrea Cassidy Journeys By Andrea

Andrea Cassidy is a senior travel agent with over 10 years of experience. She specializes in destination weddings, honeymoons, family travel, multi-generational vacations, and anniversary trips. Using her keen sense of organization, leadership skills, vast destination knowlegdge and committment to never stop learning, Andrea believes in curating vacations that exceed her clients' hopes and dreams. She strives to turn vacation moments into memories, one journey at a time. When she's not planning vacations for her clients she can be found relaxing on the shores of Lake Michigan with a good book, cheering at her kids' sporting events, eating tacos, and watching re-runs of The Office.

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